Billie Eilish - i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre)


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  • Ticolicia
    Ticolicia  1 hours back

    Dammmm.... Y__Y

    • Annie T
      Annie T  2 hours back

      I love you Billie I love this song 😥😥

      • Victor Y.
        Victor Y.  2 hours back

        It’s odd how over time you barely remember how that person made you feel. Maybe when your drunk.

        • Tuana Kara
          Tuana Kara  2 hours back

          It's my birthday at 12 aug, i love you more billieee ♥️♥️

          • Patres
            Patres  3 hours back

            Im go to cry 🥺

            • Pia Monsen
              Pia Monsen  3 hours back

              This is defantly my fav song of the album

              • Meenakshi Makhijani
                Meenakshi Makhijani  3 hours back

                The set up is great....I mean it's wow!!

                • Glh P
                  Glh P  3 hours back

                  She is so prettyyyyyyyyy

                  • kim Taehyung
                    kim Taehyung  3 hours back

                    Ήρθε Ελλάδα!?!

                  • ju bs
                    ju bs  3 hours back

                    3:00 gente,arrepiei agora

                    • dajiah green
                      dajiah green  3 hours back

                      the visuals, her voice combined with her brother’s, the crowd singing along... perfection 💘✨✨

                      • Sara Winter
                        Sara Winter  4 hours back

                        She’s crying

                        • Arrad Arrashydi
                          Arrad Arrashydi  4 hours back

                          you always make me like you!! this is beautiful song :")

                          • Midahul Hasanah05
                            Midahul Hasanah05  4 hours back

                            I love you Billie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                            • thupten lhamo
                              thupten lhamo  5 hours back

                              Why m i crying? I don’t love anyone not even myself 🥺

                              • anastacia rojas altamirano

                                Billie Eilish I would love to meet you in person I am a girl from Chile, my name is Anastacia and if you come to any concert in Chile on my sign you will say my name.

                                • Света Серебренникова

                                  Я так рада от новой песни Билли. Я очень ждала, обожаю Билли😍

                                  • Eric Ripper
                                    Eric Ripper  5 hours back

                                    I wanted to not like this but this was great

                                    • _Maria_ 4_ever_
                                      _Maria_ 4_ever_  5 hours back

                                      💜I'm from Greece, i love you!!!🇬🇷💜

                                      • natalie !
                                        natalie !  6 hours back

                                        i can’t believe i was there.




                                        • اوسكار_ Oscar
                                          اوسكار_ Oscar  7 hours back

                                          فيين العرب؟؟؟

                                          • Aldin Ganesa
                                            Aldin Ganesa  7 hours back

                                            I love you so much billie

                                            • Astrid Egger
                                              Astrid Egger  7 hours back

                                              Omg billie you are my favorite and I love you so much ❤️😭😭😭

                                              • Imthe Avocado
                                                Imthe Avocado  8 hours back

                                                Billie I love you
                                                I wish to see you but I live very far from you I’m all the way in Asia
                                                And I’m so broke I can’t afford your ticket🥺🥺 sad life❤️🥺

                                                • Rebecca Smith
                                                  Rebecca Smith  8 hours back

                                                  i love it when everybody says 'i love you' it sends chills

                                                  • gabrielle
                                                    gabrielle  8 hours back

                                                    that song tho

                                                    • Foxes Lover
                                                      Foxes Lover  8 hours back

                                                      someone said: KWAKAWOOLIEEE

                                                      • Dirga Prayuga
                                                        Dirga Prayuga  9 hours back


                                                        • Daenerys Targaryen
                                                          Daenerys Targaryen  10 hours back

                                                          Autotune has entered the chat
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                                                          • 주이
                                                            주이  11 hours back

                                                            진짜 저세상 음색.. 미쳣다

                                                            • Диана Ермакова

                                                              у меня мурашки

                                                              • gewoon Rune
                                                                gewoon Rune  11 hours back

                                                                This is how many people loves Billie👇👇

                                                                • Miih Santos
                                                                  Miih Santos  11 hours back

                                                                  I remember my ex door vibe I still like him a lot I love Billie Eilish 😢♥️♥️

                                                                  • Couch Potato
                                                                    Couch Potato  11 hours back

                                                                    It just slows the time....everytime.

                                                                    • Do Magik
                                                                      Do Magik  12 hours back

                                                                      Hello . please does anyone know - this greek theatre have Greek owners?

                                                                      • joungkook bts
                                                                        joungkook bts  13 hours back


                                                                        • 6E27 TONG Ngai
                                                                          6E27 TONG Ngai  13 hours back

                                                                          BAD GUY by BILLIE EILLISH covered by HK GOVERNMENT!BAD GOVERNMENT must be overthrown!🔥

                                                                          • spongebob squarepants
                                                                            spongebob squarepants  13 hours back

                                                                            I literally got goosebumps when the audience started singing

                                                                            • Kenzo’s Vlogs
                                                                              Kenzo’s Vlogs  15 hours back

                                                                              ME:billie really i feel the same way too
                                                                              BILLIE: what do you mean
                                                                              ME: i love you toooo

                                                                              • B. Weeks
                                                                                B. Weeks  16 hours back

                                                                                So beautiful, the mood and vibe of this song.

                                                                                • ACMilan NESTA
                                                                                  ACMilan NESTA  16 hours back

                                                                                  무슨 종교행사 보는것 같네.... 영상으로만으로도 이 정도의 전율인데... 저 현장에서의 느낌은 어떨까..... 질질 쌀 것 같은데 ㅠㅠ

                                                                                  • Pineapple Party
                                                                                    Pineapple Party  18 hours back

                                                                                    Is it bad that I thought she was singing with Justin Bieber the first time I saw this? Yep. Ok I’ll go hid in a corner

                                                                                    • Green Apple avocado
                                                                                      Green Apple avocado  18 hours back


                                                                                      • •Andres Crack•
                                                                                        •Andres Crack•  18 hours back

                                                                                        Billie Eilish I love you so much you are the best singer in the world!

                                                                                        • Valeria Fuentes
                                                                                          Valeria Fuentes  20 hours back

                                                                                          i luv billie eilish

                                                                                        • Angelica Martinez
                                                                                          Angelica Martinez  20 hours back

                                                                                          I’m so sad I couldn’t go..🥺

                                                                                          • Safiullah Haidary
                                                                                            Safiullah Haidary  21 hours back


                                                                                            • King Projectile
                                                                                              King Projectile  22 hours back

                                                                                              Is her ankle broken?